The production philosophy

Gruppo Italiano Vini adopts a production philosophy based on the concept of ethical procedures as part of quality processes for every link in the supply chain: care of vineyards, attention in the cellar, efficient service.

Gruppo Italiano Vini has always been committed to promoting and protecting Italian growing areas and designations, and recently founded the Scuola Italiana Permanente di Potatura della Vite, a permanent school of vine pruning connected to the University of Verona and to vine pruners Simonit & Sirch. In addition to quality objectives, the school aims to study and preserve traditional winegrowing methods, in particular the Verona pergola, and ensure better vineyard longevity. The courses are open to all vignerons, both those who work with Gruppo Italiano Vini and others, especially the younger age group. Besides being a technique that few study in specific schools, vine training is also and above all a trade and an art. Gruppo Italiano Vini is committed to contributing to its knowledge and evolution.