Quality, environment and safety policy

Gruppo Italiano Vini has always been attentive to quality aspects and was among the first wineries to be awarded ISO 9001 Quality Certification, in 1996. Today it pursues its commitment to guaranteeing excellence for its consumers in terms of food quality and safety, with particular attention to aspects of health, allergens, origin, traceability, and product genuineness.

In 2016 the battery of analyses carried out in GIV laboratories reached one million parameters, with numerous controls and with almost 200 for each batch of bottled wine.

Also, in 2016 the reorganization of business processes began with the intention of revising, simplifying and upgrading efficiency for organizational structures, with a view to moving from a quality management system to a corporate management system acknowledging the connection between personal safety systems, product safety and quality, respecting and caring for the environment in an integrated approach and vision.

GIV maintains its commitment and focus on personnel training, with various refresher courses scheduled for coming years.

The main company objectives are to:

  • ensure customers and consumers of GIV wines have an increasing level of quality, in line with the standards and requirements of the high- and medium-end markets;
  • maintain a strong image of GIV products and brands in all markets, both domestic and foreign;
  • guarantee a quality, healthy and legal product throughout the process, starting from control and selection of suppliers;
  • strengthen the organization to ensure its reliability and thus develop efficiency to prevent or eliminate anomalies or wastage, and reduce costs;
  • enhance and protect the environment and the territory that are home to production sites and vineyards owned by GIV;
  • respect the worker ethic and manage in the appropriate manner aspects related to safety in the workplace.

In terms of certifications, in an increasingly demanding and competitive market, as well as maintaining active, operational quality certifications ( BRC, IFS and DLG), Gruppo Italiano Vini is going ahead on several fronts to complete environmental sustainability projects.