About us

The Group


We want to make the world aware of our passion and commitment, the richness of our roots, so different and unique, and promote the eclectic culture of Italian wine, so much a part of the very nature of our country.

All this so that increasing numbers of people across the globe can socialize in an even more special way thanks to Italian beauty and taste, with the quality and variety of the peninsula’s best wines.



A shared group strategy, direct and total control of the production chain, overseeing main markets by establishing foreign branches.

The style of our wines is formulated by each of our fifteen cellars located in eleven Italian regions with the top growing areas, 1,400 hectares of vineyards, the dedication of a team of fruitmakers and winemakers who share a vision: to showcase each winery while respecting local values as well as social and environmental sustainability.



We invest all our experience so the quality of our wines to continue to grow, combining tradition and innovation, in harmony with the environment and territory in our production districts. Each of our wines tells the world a story, respecting different local and territorial traits. Because above all we want to cultivate Italian wine culture.