Gruppo Italiano Vini

Gruppo Italiano Vini combines the professional expertise of a large company operating in an international scenario with typically artisanal enterprise that hands down traditions and knowledge from generation to generation. When cellars producing fine wines work with a strong established brand the result is Gruppo Italiano Vini, the polestar in the beverage firmament, with its galaxy of fifteen stars from different Italian winegrowing regions.

GIV’s business approach is supported by marketing strategies tailored to each country, a sales network specialized for each trading channel, and by integrated logistics services. This is an advantage for GIV customers, who can access a large selection of quality Italian wines in a straightforward system: one order, one delivery, one invoice. In this way Gruppo Italiano Vini’s individual cellars grow in potential and prestige since the vast range and quality of the offer opens doors in every market. Last but not least, GIV’s extensive international experience makes the company extremely versatile and ready to respond to the demands of a constantly changing market.

In the current scenario, Gruppo Italiano Vini forges ahead with products competitive in terms of quality and image, pursuing the goal of contributing to the development of Italian wine, enhancing its spread, awareness and image in the world.

To its 1,400 hectares under vine, GIV dedicates important resources to research, experimentation, and study of the growing area. This commitment can be seen in the application of state-of-the-art technologies and winemaking practices; in keeping alive and handing down values linked to wine culture; restoring and safeguarding places of historical interest and the environment.

Within its own vineyard, GIV has defined a new production model based on sustainable viticulture which involves systems compliant with the principle of environmental sustainability, including the use of alternative energy sources, recycling water for irrigation, reduction of soil processing, and monitoring of climate data.