A unique cru

The Sangiovese Grosso vines, coming from a massal selection in the early sixties of the last century, put down their roots in ground of diverse geological origins. Apart from the rocky Macigno ground found at higher altitude and the Sillano Formation which together characterise the Radda in Chianti district, there are also, unusually for the area, outcrops of Pietraforte.

In the plots at around 380-450 metres’ altitude, the Sillano Formation and the pietraforte retain the humidity at depth so allowing the vines to endure the driest periods and creating a fruity and structured Sangiovese.

At the higher levels, the schist rock lends firm character and considerable depth to the Sangiovese. The gravelly surface means that the roots can penetrate into the strata so picking up significant tannins and lively acidity. The combination of these soils along with the cool microclimate typical of the zone up behind the Chianti Hills produces a Chianti Classico Riserva of great personality.