Tenuta Rapitalà

Sicily Garden

Located in the province of Palermo on an area that descends from Camporeale to Alcamo, Rapitalà estate estate extends for 176 hectares on rolling hills.  The vine-covered landscape is illuminated by the sun and the unparalleled vibrant colours of Sicily.

The well-ventilated territory is ideally exposed to the sun and perfect for growing the most prized grape varieties. A single plot of land includes micro-zones with significant pedoclimaticdifferences depending on the soil, altitude and grape varieties.

Origin of Rapitalà name

Rapitalà is a real name, it derives from the Arabic (Rabat-Allah “garden of Allah”), testifying that this countryside has been cultivated since ancient times.  Over the centuries, generations of farmers have mapped out  its current shape and the identity of the estate.  On this ancient land, a succession of vineyards dominates the landscape, creating a pattern of rows that the sun and Mediterranean hues transform into golden hills.