The Style

Oenologist Cristian Ridolfi’s in-depth knowledge of local wine traditions and the terroir in which Santi operates mean he has been able to lay down a distinct winemaking philosophy that has become a cultural identity.

The cornerstones of Santi style are:

  • Corvina: the lord of this terroir, whose presence in a blend ensures the wine has an elegantly fruity style;
  • Large barrels: typical of ancient Italian tradition, these allows better oxygenation in the long ageing needed for wines to be cellared;
  • Local wood: in addition to oak, Santi uses barrels made from typical native wood including cherry, chestnut and small amounts of acacia.

To gain further insights into the behaviour of local wood, not much used in current winemaking, Santi has commissioned a scientific research project with the support of the University of Udine to study oxygenation processes in Corvina and its aromatic impact on local wood.