Grape Varieties


Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella are the three native grapes that have made the fame and fortune of Valpolicella wines since Roman times.Traditionally they are considered the icons of the terroir and, while prevalent, are flanked by other grapes such as Forselina, Negrara, Oseletta, Rossignola and Simesara, as well as non-natives.

Cantina Santi made the decision to show its love of Valpolicella and the expertise developed during over a century of history, using only grapes native to this area, with a distinct preponderance of Corvina, a variety with huge fruity potential and if properly managed in the rows and in the cellar, it produces modern, pleasant wines.


The variety owes its name to the intense colour of the berries, which are very dark, almost black.Corvina produces an intense red wine with plum, cherry and violet on the nose,rich in sweet tannins, with pleasant acidity and flavour.


The name might deceive but it is not a version of Corvina. The slightly elliptical berry is usually blueand produces fragrant wines with hints of plum and of spice like pepper. Sweet tannins, good acidity and flavour enhance the long aftertaste.


It owes its name in all likelihood to the bluish-black berries, reminiscent of a swallow’s plumage.When fermented alone (something that rarely happens) it gives an intense ruby red wine, delicately fruity on the nose, medium bodied, with good acidity, a hint of tannins, savoury and harmonious.