The winery

Re Manfredi was established in 1998, in the heart of Aglianico del Vulture DOC wine country, just a few kilometres from Venosa, the little town famous as the birthplace of Latin poet Horace in 65 BC.A smart, welcoming farmhouse is the centre of the estate, which has 110 and more hectares of Guyot and spurred cordon-trained vines.

Next to the farmhouse is Andrea Autino’s state-of-the-art, dynamic Terre degli Svevi winery,with its own modern winemaking facility and a prestigious barrel cellar for ageing its wines.

King Manfred

Frederic II of Swabia was especially fond of this area and there is no lack of stunning, perfectly preserved castles that prove his affection.In 1258, when his father died, King Manfred became regent of Southern Italy. He was excommunicated by Pope Innocence IV, who objected to his political independence, and then elected King of Sicily in Palermo, reigning until 1266, the year he died in the Battle of Benevento.

Dante mentions him in the Divine Comedy,describing Manfred as a victim of the Pope and the latter’s improper use of excommunication for political ambitions, and not for religious or spiritual reasons.

This was a haven where King Manfred, son of Frederic, loved to spend time, and the winery dedicates its fine Aglianico to the monarch.


All Re Manfredi wines are available in the wine shop and purchasers may try before they buy.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 08.30 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday 08.30 am – 3 pm

Cantina Terre degli Svevi s.r.l.
Località Pian di Camera - 85029 Venosa (PZ)
+39 0972 31 263 – fax +39 0972 35 253

Please contact Luisa Barbano to arrange winery visits, which are also available on holidays.
email: - tel:+39 0972 31263