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A Swabian King


On the Vulture slopes

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The Winemaker Pietro Bertè

Born in Trentino, in 1988, he graduated Summa Cum Laude in Viticulture and Oenological Sciences in 2014 from the University of Turin-Milan-Palermo. In the meantime, as part of the thesis for his degree he also acquired significant experience at an important Verona winery, in Friuli at the Conti Formentini cellars, and at Trento cellars. He enriched his curriculum with some interesting experiences in New Zealand where he explored production processes for red and aromatic white grape varieties.

In 2014 he began working with the Basilicata-based Re Manfredi cellar, where he puts to good use his experience of aromatic white wines and winemaking with red berries.