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In the heart of Vulture since 1998

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True-to-type, varietal volcano wines


A Swabian King


On the Vulture slopes

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The Winemaker Andrea Autino

He was born in Turin in 1984. After graduating with a degree in Viticulture and Winemaking from the University of Turin and a Masters in Viticulture and Winemaking from the University of Milan, Andrea Autino went on to work with several Australian winemakers before returning to Italy and putting his experience to good use in major winemaking businesses.

His extensive knowledge of the wines of the region have led him to oversee Ca'Bianca, Calissano and Re Manfredi, both as manager and winemaker, whilst also supervising the agronomy side.

With his winemaking knowledge, Autino aims to preserve the characteristics and quality of the area in which the business is based and change them as little as possible, with a view to respecting and enhancing the specific characteristics of the vines and terroir.