the origins

The winery vaunts a century of history and from one generation to the next has always revealed its feisty character and successful insight – two aspects that have given these wines the chance to express all their potential.

The business was opened in 1897, when Aprica-born Nino Negri married Amelia Galli, later setting up his winery in Chiuro.

In 1925, the company was registered with the Sondrio Chamber of Commerce and two years later Nino’s son Carluccio came on board, heading up winery development and enhancing product quality.

In 1946, the single proprietorship “Nino Negri di Carlo Negri” was set up for “sale of wine and grapes, with cellars in Chiuro and Moniga del Garda”.

In 1958, the company name was changed to “Casa Vinicola Nino Negri di Carlo Negri”,and from the five–six employees of the pre-war period, the Chiuro winery was now at over thirty staff, as well as the seasonal workers who arrived for the harvest.

As the 1960s drew to a close and it became clear that the owner’s two daughters were not going to join their father in running the business, it was sold to the Swiss Winefood company.

The new ownership, however, failed to bring further prosperity to the winery, and in 1986 Winefood decided to sell “Casa Vinicola Nino Negri S.p.a.” to Gruppo Italiano Vini S.c.a.r.l., a cooperative that had developed thanks to the union of wineries that had been owned by the Swiss group.So one of the oldest of the Valtellina wineries (in 1980 it had also acquired Pelizzatti and then Enologica Valtellinese in 1992) was once again forging ahead, with a mission to produce quality wines of this terroir.

Now part of a larger Italian winemaking business, the cellars founded by Nino Negri were able to exploit of the redefinition of its product (which includes a number of different wines and grappas) over the years, becoming the jewel in the crown of Gruppo Italiano Vini.