Nino Negri

Today Nino Negri best represents those Valtellina wineries that merge tradition and technology.If you want great results then you have to work hard and continue to invest in the cellars and in the rows.

There are now 1,500 new French and American oak barriques down in the cellar, completing the replacement of the large old barrels with over a hundred of different sizes, all smaller so as to allow for a more ample selection of musts.

There are also new steel tanks and state-of-the-art fermentation tanks that allow us to put in place new winemaking systems.New clone selections of Nebbiolo and new contour planting of 11 of the 31 hectares on the estate have also gone ahead.

Palazzo Quadrio

In the 1400s the palazzo was given to valiant soldier and military captain Stefano Quadrio by the Duke of Milan. Conferred with the title of governor of the Valtellina, Stefano chose as his coat of arms three cubes placed in a triangular shape to denote the balance and stability of his power, depicted in several bas reliefs inside and outside of the castle. Quadrio invested his energies in growing grapes and selling wine, and the ancient cellars beneath the castle can still be admired today. History has it that as governor he was successful in making wine an important resource for the valley. There is still an old winepress displayed in the castle. The castle then passed to Nino Negri, from Aprica, because he married one of the owners of the house before 1897, and they decided to turn it into their business headquarters.

Agriturismo Fracia

The Fracia restaurant can be found in Teglio, a stunning part of the Valtellina, surrounded by vineyards. A haven of taste and tradition made available by fans of fine food and wine. Here you can sample classic typical Valtellina cooking, including some all-but forgotten recipes that conjure up the flavours of a bygone era. Accompanied, of course, by prestigious reds from the award-winning Negri winery. Visit the site