A unique and generous area but demanding enormous toil, sacrifice, and passion.The vines here grow in marvellous terrains, on the mountain slopes, protected from the cold north wind, sun-kissed from dawn to dusk.

The Nino Negri winery owns 33 hectares under vine in the most prestigious zones in the heart of such an important winegrowing area, including:

  • GRUMELLO: eleven hectares of stunning wine country producing prized grapes thanks to the southward aspecting.
  • INFERNO: ten hectares in the smallest of the five subzones of Valtellina Superiore, a name tied to the steep slope and high summer temperatures.
  • FRACIA: seven hectares in the Valgella subzone.


The hallmark feature of this area is the terracing, a system of countless dry stone walls that support the vine-covered ledges built thousands of years ago to enable winegrowing.The sandy, silty soil is prone to dryness since it has very little water retention and is very permeable.The deeper soils can be farmed from 40 to 120 centimetres in depth, and it is not rare to see the vine pushing its roots directly into the fissured rock.