GRANAIO Chianti Classico DOCG

GRANAIO Chianti Classico DOCG

GRANAIO Chianti Classico DOCG

Situated on one of the highest hills, at 360 m a.s.l., Podere Granaio extends between Castellina in Chianti and San Donato in Poggio. Due to its extension, the village of Granaio has always been the point of reference for the surrounding estates. Granaio is a true Chianti village whose first records date back to the end of the 1500s, when it appears in a Florentine document ‘Piante di popoli e strade’ (Maps of peoples and streets). Its origin is certainly older, as it served as a defensive tower. It was expanded over the centuries until it was used to store grains, which at the time were grown together with vines and olive trees on the surrounding hills. PodereGranaio is characterized by very rocky, skeletal soil. Alberese, which is its main composition, is a calcareous marl that is very difficult to cultivate. The parcels of vineyards alternate with forest formed by cypresses, holm oaks, and arbutus trees. On the roads, near the edges and along the crests, it is easy to be struck by the yellow of the brooms which are well suited to this difficult terrain. The vines here, in order to obtain the necessary nourishment, are forced to sink their roots deep into the rock. This means that even in difficult and dry years the plants always manage not to suffer, giving us balanced wines with a tasty tannic texture. Chianti Classico Granaio, produced since 1969, is an authentic expression of freshness and elegance.






Sangiovese Grosso, complementary varieties




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