Melini’s Gaggiano winery is based at 300 metres asl, on the Chianti Classico hills, along the road from Poggibonsi to Castellina in Chianti.Here, next to the original ancient block, a modern four-floor cellar was built on the hillside between 1970 and 1974. It was designed to put in place separate production for each vineyard, an apply the cru technique.All winemaking processes, from the drying rooms to barrel ageing and bottling, are undertaken using specific techniques that pursue the quality philosophy.

Melini can certainly vaunt three records:

  • it drove Chianti success worldwide in the 1900s;
  • it was the first in Tuscany, and one of the first in Italy, to have made wine by first selecting the most suitable vineyards applying the “cru principle” or “vineyard policy” as the best expression of quality;
  • as one of the most widespread Chianti brands in the world.


Melini aspires to the highest levels of the quality philosophy, as the expression of a rich and diversified winemaking style, but also expressing love of the land and of nature.Melini knows the value of wine and for this reason has always invested in its development, one step ahead of a market in continuous evolution.

Melini has built its success on these foundations:

  • over 300 years of history;
  • lengthy experience: more than a century as a leader in the world’s biggest markets;
  • close ties with the growing area thanks to its huge vineyard estates in Chianti and Chianti Classico;
  • a legacy of vineyards with some of the best positions and aspecting in this district;
  • a long history that looks to the future, built by innovating tradition and continuing in that direction.