Tuscany, a cradle of culture and home of illustrious figures who made history, but also a land of noble wines.Here wine and history, vine and culture meet again at each harvest in Sant’Andrea in Percussina, in the municipality of San Casciano.

The voices of the illustrious Machiavelli family seem to echo along the high street, including that of Niccolò, the greatest political author of all time.Here the Florentine politician wrote The Prince while continuing his father’s enterprise, cultivating olive trees and vines.

The great Niccolò Machiavelli thus encountered and lived with nature, and with authentic traditions rich in taste and vitality.

Around the tiny village there are about 27 hectares under vine, producing exclusive wines, and 7 hectares of olive groves, cypress and oak woods encircling a place where time seems to stand still.The interior of the villa and the lovely historic cellars under Machiavelli’s home are open to the public and have not changed: “... wine cellars near the place called Albergaccio” states a 1498 document. Even at that time, numerous small fine oak barrels slowly aged the Vigna di Fontalle wines.

Lastly, a secret passageway leads to the Antica Osteria Albergaccio as described by Machiavelli in person.Here the traditional Tuscan atmosphere has survived intact.