Fontana Candida

Fontana Candida, a place where the most ancient history meets the most modern trends and tastes.The name of a winery that is the most authentic, refined expression of winemaking tradition in Lazio and Rome, places that combine age-old elegance with energy, poetry and vitality.Wines – above all Frascati – famous and beloved worldwide are born here, in lands of culture and pleasure.

For over sixty years Fontana Candida has been the undisputed star of the distribution and success of Frascati all over the world.Its primary mission has always been to promote this designation, outright wine heritage of the Roman district, with great quality potential, some yet to be explored.

The freshness and personality of Fontana Candida wines come from excellent vines and distinct skills, embodying perfectly the lifestyle and rich history and traditions typical of their area, renowned and appreciated all over the globe.