Folonari is a one the best-known names on the Italian wine market.

It was one of the first wineries to play a crucial role in the distribution of quality wine from all regions of Italy thanks to its extensive selection capabilities. Currently the company exports to 40 countries on all continents, with one of the widest ranges in terms of varietals and sizes.

From its foundation in 1825, the cellar has been a byword for quality. That was the year that Francesco Folonari began selecting the best lots of grapes in person.

Today, as in the past, the passion and experience that have always hallmarked Folonari are still the foundations of a strong, reliable and prestigious image. There are production facilities in different regions across Italy, with careful selection of vineyards and grapes, and almost 7,000 laboratory tests on quality and technical aspects, are just some of the strengths that make it possible to guarantee each bottle is an expression of quality and authenticity.

These are the reasons why the Folonari brand has crossed the Italian borders and achieved success even abroad, with over 50,000,000 bottles sold in the last decade.