Conti d'Arco

The name “Conti D’Arco” derives from that of the aristocrats who owned the Medieval castle set on the Arco spur, overlooking the vines of the splendid basin between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites.

The history is that of the noble house of the Arco counts.Over the centuries, the names of Odorico, Vinciguerra, Prospero, and Andrea d’Arco are tied to events that are almost legends.Always close to other illustrious families, like the Gonzagas, and often councillors of emperors, many of the Arco counts were refined, well-educated gentlemen; Nicolò was a poet and Humanist; Giorgio a lover of music and a friend of Mozart.

In the splendid castle and the village’s Renaissance buildings there were always deep, cool cellars called “caneva”, which stored the excellent wine collected as county tithes.

The Conti d’Arco line includes a series of Trentino DOC wines, selected from the region’s best wine country by winemakers who monitor every stage of the production process, from the vine to the bottle.Trentino vaunts ideal terrain and climate, and also has a renowned sparkling wine tradition, so the range includes the Talento Trento DOC line of Classic Method spumantes, great for all special occasions.