Vermouth di Torino is part of Italy’s winemaking history and tradition, linked above all to Piedmont.Antonio Benedetto Carpano produced the first bottle of vermouth in 1786, in his Turin cellar, and it became the favourite aperitif not only amongst ordinary citizens, but above all with the House of Savoy. In the 1800s many other producers began to bottle vermouth and it soon rose to international status. By the 20th century it had become an outright status symbol.

The idea of adding herbs and spices to a wine, then taking it to 18% vol. to assist preservation forged this amazing tradition of an authentic Italian aperitif.

Today, with one and a half centuries of history behind it, the tradition is experiencing a new lease of life, attracting consumers and bartenders, aficionados of fine drinking, and the recovery of a unique, authentic flavour.

In 1991 the name was added to the list of EU designations, without production protocols of any type.

Vermouth di Torino currently accounts for five million bottles of the ninety-nine million sold overall in the Vermouth – aromatized beverage category.

In March 2017 the new I.G. (geographic indication) and new production protocol were introduced, promoting above all the origins of this great traditional Piedmontese aperitif.

Vermouth di Torino I.G. is increasingly a niche segment, distinct from the rest of the category, which today is all-embracing in terms of origin and quality.The base wine and the aromatic herbs must be of Piedmontese origin.