The spirit for innovation

Pride in the past, passion for the future

”Pride in the Past, Passion for the Future” was the motto of the Bolla family encapsulating their spirit for innovation, keeping a close eye on how the market and the consumers were evolving but without losing sight of traditional values.

Alberto Bolla had already understood back in the ‘20s that wine, at the time only served up un-bottled in taverns, would become a widespread consumer product and so enhancing and investing in product quality were essential.

Giorgio Bolla’s contribution in this sense was fundamental. He realised that the normal containers at that time for wine, the wicker wine bottle and the demijohn, didn’t do justice to quality wines but were only suitable for every day table wine and he thus decided that quality wines should only be sold in a bottle with a cork, label and aluminium capsule just as they are today.


The vision of the Bolla family reached its peak in the early 1950s by promoting the status of Amarone, today considered a symbol of enological excellence but then simply a wine to drink with family and friends.