A family's passion for winemaking, since 1883

The history of the Bolla winery is the story of a family that revolutionized the wine market in the last century, becoming one of the most important Italian wineries at an international level. The winery was founded in 1883 in Soave by Alberto Bolla who, as a child, became passionate about wine spending a lot of time in the cellar of the tavern "Al Gambero", owned by his parents Abele and Giulia, until he decided to start selling the local white wine to the taverns in Soave. The initiative was successful, and soon the market extended to Verona and even Venice, where in 1902, together with his brothers, he opened the restaurant "Il Calice", in the district of San Salvatore.

The '30s represented a turning point for Bolla, and coincided with the entry into the company of Alberto's eldest son, Giorgio, oenologist and great lover of wines of excellence. In 1931, having understood the potential of the territory for the production of quality red wines, Alberto decided to open a production cellar in Pedemonte, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica. Thus began the production of red wines such as Recioto, Valpolicella, and later Amarone, in addition to the already renowned white of Soave, which continued to be produced in the original cellar. The winery in the following years continued to expand, both in Italy and in foreign markets, in particular in the USA where Bolla became an iconic brand of Italian style and taste. 

In 2006 Gruppo Italiano Vini finalized the purchase of the winery, with the aim of preserving the values of quality orientation, passion and respect for the territory handed down by the Bolla family among several generations..